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2021 Camping Season


Greetings Beloved Camp St. Raphael Family,


To begin, Glory to GOD for all things!


While this is not the notice we would like to be sending, we want to inform all our potential campers and staff to know that our CSR 2021 in-person camping season has been cancelled.


This decision was made after much prayerful consideration and input from well-informed physicians and the leadership team of the camp.  This decision was not made lightly, but was made out of the extreme concern for the full well-being of the camp family.


While there was much to consider the three main issues that led to the cancellation were as follows:


1.  We do not feel the physical campgrounds/buildings are adequately equipped to provide the safe atmosphere needed during a pandemic.


2.  If CSR 2021 were to happen, it would not be what our campers typically expect, i.e. numbers in cabins would be halved, social distancing would not allow for the normal camp experience. 


3.  The transportation of campers to the camp, especially those from far distances would be drastically changed, i.e. no arrivals by buses/planes would be allowed.


While not all inclusive, this gives a glimpse into some of the issues that had to be considered.


We are saddened about the cancellation of the 2021 in-person season, but we are not without hope.  There will not be virtual camp, but we are working and encourage you to work with us, your priests and youth advisors about possible alternatives and ideas to keep our young people connected to the Faith. 


May GOD grant you strength and endurance during these trying days.  May we all do that which guides us to the Kingdom.  We appreciate your prayers and ask GOD to keep you in His hands.


The Camp St. Raphael Leadership Team

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