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  Our Staff  

Camp Administrative Staff

Gayle Malone  
Executive Director

St. George - Wichita, KS


Gayle's first camping experience was in 2001 with Camp St. Raphael. Her favorite thing about camp is plunging toilets.

Camp Director

St. George - Houston, TX


Fr. James embodies the mission of Camp St. Raphael. He is the pastor of St. George in Houston. His favorite thing about camp
is bumping.

Fr. James Shadid 
Erin Ghata
Assistant Director

St. Elijah - Oklahoma City

When Erin isn't at summer camp, she's busy thinking about summer camp or planning Wamp and other activities for the teens of DOWAMA

AB Bayouth 
Facilities Director

St. Antony - Tulsa, OK ​

AB serving the role of AB.

Kasey Cohlmia & Adella Winder
Christian Ed. Directors

St. Elijah - Oklahoma City

St. Anthony - Spring, TX

AKA: "Kasella"

Name a better duo...we'll wait

Chris Al-Dehneh.jpg
Chris Al-Dehneh
Volunteer/CIT Coordinator

St. George - Houston, TX

In addition to wrangling the volunteers and CITs, you'll find him playing baskeball and spikeball while using one less t-shirt than AB.

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